Artifacts Of Idealism

A wealthy retiree’s pursuit of aesthetic perfection leads him to hire a private investigator’s earnest young intern to follow an amateur model after he discovers her face in a copy of a Rossetti painting.

The man and boy quickly bond and, with the help of a would-be pickup artist, quietly interject themselves into the life of the girl as she enters university, in a Montreal awash with student protests.

DIRECTOR: Sean Corbett
RUNTIME: 75 min
FORMAT: HD Video 16×9
YEAR: 2012


Newly charted territory — the film explores its characters with depth and powerful human drama.

Jeffrey Tucker


Artifacts of Idealism projects in its own way the permanent in the fluid. The beauty and good in the ugliness that often surrounds us.

Richard Anderson

The Gods Of The Copybook Headings

A modest movie, both thoughtful and entertaining.

Doug Wead

historian & advisor to Ron Paul

I like this movie very much. Both as a consumer, purely on an aesthetic basis, but, also, and more important, as a libertarian.

Walter Block


Takes a small budget a long way… masterfully assembled montages.

Carrick Owlett

Gadfly Online / The Rutherford Institute

Nominated for:
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Actor
Best Actress

Len Archibald

NWOFF 2013