Short Films

Wait Until Nothing

by Ryan Daddi


An episode in the life of French photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue, alongside muse Renée Perle.

Mutiny On The Botany

by Craig Bond


A sinister flower terrorizes an unsuspecting florist.

Hotel Illness

by Sean Corbett


Sheldon Mann works the night shift as a bellhop in a downtown Vancouver hotel. His encounters with homeless junkies and his lack of success with women lead him to go slowly insane.


by Ryan Daddi


A hitman must choose between the money or the girl, while completing his final job.

I Love You Less

by Ryan Daddi


A married couple and their lovers conspire against each other. Adultery, lies, lust and treachery.

Killing Woods

by Sean Corbett


In a Twilight Zone-like episode, a young man loses his girlfriend during a picnic, only to find out that there may be a killer on the loose.