Social Credit

Social Credit follows leading character Kwon as he navigates a parallel reality where the Chinese Communist Social Credit system has become standardized in a western setting. The advent of this big-surveillance technology is exemplified by Kwon’s inability to advance in society, based upon an arbitrary snapshot of data which disadvantages him from upward movement.

Set against the backdrop of continuing political riots, Kwon learns that he is unable to work or live in a higher caste. When he learns that his girlfriend has been approved for reproduction by “the Party,” his relationship may be at stake as well. Ultimately backed into a corner, Kwon must either comply, or choose to become a revolutionary.

Social Credit was filmed throughout 2020, and is currently in post-production with a slated fall festival release.


Seth Carter as Kwon

Hope Phillips as Shelly

John Martin as Interviewer

Rich Hall as Elon the Landlord

Kevin J. O’Connor as Denny the Hobo

Mark Kaminski as Corona Cop 1

EJ George as Corona Cop 2

Written, Produced and Directed by Ryan Daddi

Produced by Carol Parente

Associate Producers:
John Martin
Kevin J. O’Connor

Run time: 21 minutes. Color.

Filmed on location in Charlotte, North Carolina.